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Griffin Harrah
NE 2nd Street
Dufur OR 97021

Breeds:Call Ducks SHOW QUALITY (White, Snowy, Blue Fawn, Pastel, and Bibbed), Khaki Campbells, Buffs, Cayugas, Roman Geese, Chinese Geese, and Ringed Teals.

Christine Cole
16961 Coyote Trail
Bend, OR 97701
Email: silknfeather@gmail.com
Website: www.silknfeather.weebly.com

Breeds: Mottled Javas

Everett Carleton
Canyon Aviaries
190 Canyonville,OR 97417
Phone: 541-643-1703

Breeds: Peafowl,Hookbills,Pheasants & Cranes

David R Taplin
82015 Hillview Drive
CREWWEL OR 97426-9696
Phone: 5418953370

Gary Crippin
1884 Dowel Rd
GRANT PASS OR 97527-9168