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Frank Waluk
59 Dewey Ave
Bristol, AL 06010
Phone: 8606216111
Email: t.waluk@att.net

Breeds:Breeding Green wing teal and Cinnamon teal.

Jimmie Young
7192 Atlanta cir
Spanish fort, AL 36527
Phone: 2515334294
Email: Jy74@bellsouth.net

Breeds:Mountain quail

Tom Turner
4090 County Road 83
Waterloo, AL 35677
Phone: 256-740-6651
Email: tturner1942@gmail.com

Breeds: We breed India Blue, White, Silver Pied, Red Golden Pheasants and Lady Amherst Pheasants... Come see us

Ahmadreza simi
Nurabad Mamasani, AL 12345
Phone: 989373642891
Email: wwwwqqq12@yahoo.com

Breeds:I am Iranian. I live in Iran

Bob Armstrong
15908 Sylvan Loop Road
Fosters, AL 35463-9631
Phone: 205-345-8532
Email: Bcountrycousin@aol.com

Breeds: India Blue, White, Cameo.

Tim Haggerty
Tim's Birds
1242 Church Rd.
Jackson's Gap, AL 36861-5526
Phone: 256-794-1961
Email: timsbirds@aol.com

Breeds: Peafowl - India Blue, India Blue Pied, India Blue White-Eyed, India Blue Pied White-Eyed, India Blue Silver Pied, Black Shoulder, Black Shoulder Pied, Black Shoulder White-Eyed, Black Shoulder Pied White-Eyed, Black Shoulder Silver Pied, White, Cameo, Cameo Pied, Cameo Black Shoulder,
Buford Bronze, Buford Bronze Black Shoulder, Opal, Opal Pied, Opal Black Shoulder, Spalding, Spalding Pied, Spalding White-Eyed, 120 - Spalding Black Shoulder, Spalding Black Shoulder Pied, Spalding Cameo, Spalding Buford Bronze, Spalding Opal.

Elton Housley
PO Box153
Geneva, AL 36340-7550
Phone: 334-684-9761

Breeds: Peafowl - Green, Muticus-Muticus (Javanese), Green, Muticus-Imperator (Indo-Chinese), India Blue, India Blue Pied, India Blue Silver Pied, White, Cameo Pied White-Eyed, Cameo Pied White-Eyed, Spalding Pied, Spalding White.

Johnny S Wise
Kiptopeke Aviaries
17425 Co Rd 55
Summerdale AL 36580
Phone:2519899997 3343550677

Breeds:Golden,Ghigi Yellow,Lady Ami Ierst,Silver,Swinhoe,Reeves,Elliots,Humes,Satyr,Temmincks,Cape Teal,Amer. Greenwing Teal,European Widgeon,Chiloe Widgeon,Blue Wing Teal,Ringed Teal,Fulvous Whistling, White Faced,Rosybill,Mandarin,Wood Duck,North Ameri. Ruddy,Barnacle,Mute,Black,Coscoroba(Swan),Blue,Black Shoulder,White,Spaulding,Pied,Green,Cameo,Other Color(Peafowl)

Joe Mitchell
1837 South Broad St
Albertville AL 35950

Lonnie L Phillips
P O Box 127

Peter Gregerson
447 Riverton Drive
Rainbow City AL 35906

Kevin Dudley
848 Collins Hill Road
Somerville AL 35670

Ray Buzbee
7502 Alabama Hwy 69 South
Cullman AL 35057
Website: http://buzbeebrownhatchery.com

Albert J Carmichael
3509 County Road 156
Enterprise AL 36330