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Hilltop farms raises birds in a very eco-friendly environment. On site are a windmill, solar panels and a geothermal heating system. Birds are raised in many small, medium and two large flight pens (100 feet x100 feet) called the Amazon and the Nile. All our pens have constant flowing freshwater, numerous nesting boxes, vegetation, cover, shelter and top netting.
Satyr Tragoppan
Female Satyr Tragoppan
Male Satyr Tragoppan
Male and Female Satyr Tragoppan
Male Satyr Tragoppan

Satyr Tragopans are highly ornamental and much sought after by people in this hobby. They require large aviaries, preferably those with plenty of shade as they cannot take extreme heat and direct sunlight. They tolerate cold rather well and only adequate protection is required. Males have their head almost completely feathered and black. They have a band on each side of crest, the sides of the neck, the upper back, shoulders, and upper breast. Female’s upper parts are a sort of dull brown according to individual variation, with pale buff central markings and blackish vermiculations and patches. Breeding season is between March to April and they breed mostly in their second year. They can lay up to 4-6 eggs in a clutch and the eggs needs incubation for at least 28 days.