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Hilltop farms raises birds in a very eco-friendly environment. On site are a windmill, solar panels and a geothermal heating system. Birds are raised in many small, medium and two large flight pens (100 feet x100 feet) called the Amazon and the Nile. All our pens have constant flowing freshwater, numerous nesting boxes, vegetation, cover, shelter and top netting.
Yellow Golden Pheasant
Male Yellow Golden Pheasant
Male Yellow Golden Pheasant
Male Yellow Golden Pheasant
Male & Female Yellow Golden Pheasant

Yellow Golden pheasants are one of the very easy raising birds. Males have very striking color. They are almost similar to red pheasants only difference is the color where yellow replace the red. Blue wings, crest and ruff are the same as normal golden are the other features. Tail is pale brown spotted with light yellow. Female are less pale in color. Clutches consists of 8-12 eggs. Incubation period lasts for 22-23 days.