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Hilltop farms raises birds in a very eco-friendly environment. On site are a windmill, solar panels and a geothermal heating system. Birds are raised in many small, medium and two large flight pens (100 feet x100 feet) called the Amazon and the Nile. All our pens have constant flowing freshwater, numerous nesting boxes, vegetation, cover, shelter and top netting.
India Blue Peafowl
Male India Blue Peafowl
Female India Blue Peafowl
Male India Blue Peafowl
Male & Female India Blue Peafowls

India Blue Peafowls are monotypic pheasants with several mutations found. The highlighting feature of Peacocks (male) is its beautifully elongated feathered tail with fan shaped crest which the Peahens (female) lack. They are large birds that weigh 4-6kg. These birds are often allowed to free range, where their beauty can be best displayed. After the breeding season the male will shed his beautiful tail which can consist of more the 200 individual feathers, a new tail will immediately begin to grow back which will be fully recovered by Spring. One peacock can breed with several hens, thus these birds are often kept in trios or quads. The pea hen will make her nest in a scrape in the ground under some sort of cover. Clutches consist of 6 to 8 eggs and they are incubated for about 29 days.