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Hilltop farms raises birds in a very eco-friendly environment. On site are a windmill, solar panels and a geothermal heating system. Birds are raised in many small, medium and two large flight pens (100 feet x100 feet) called the Amazon and the Nile. All our pens have constant flowing freshwater, numerous nesting boxes, vegetation, cover, shelter and top netting.
Temmincks Tragopan
Male Temmincks Tragopan
Female Temmincks Tragopan
Male Temmincks Tragopan

Temmincks Tragopan is one of the very incredibly friendly and curious birds among all. They are easy to tame down. Male Tragopan is bright orange crimson with pearl gray spots. They have gorgeous blue face with grey beaks and pink legs. Female have a dull plumage mottled with black, brown and gray. Clutches consists of 2-4 eggs and incubation lasts for about 28 days. The new chicks develop very quickly and are able to fly just days after hatching.